His Middle Name Was Oxiclean

Billy Mays

Billy Mays

Billy Mays had become synonymous with Oxyclean.  In fact you couldn’t pick up a container of it at the store without hearing Billy spew all the benefits you were about to experience with this miracle product.

As much as people laughed about his gregarious nature he was fabulous at his job.  His enthusiasm for whatever he was pitching made you want to run out and get whatever he was selling RIGHT NOW!  No wonder everyone wanted him to sell their product.

But we won’t be hearing Billy Mays’ voice anymore because this morning he was found dead in his Tampa, FL home. 

He was 50 years old, just like Michael Jackson…and he shared the same feng shui energy number as Michael Jackson too.  Very eerie.

Billy’s success in using his voice makes perfect sense just as it did with Michael Jackson because both men’s feng shui Success direction is tied to the mouth.  It’s also tied to techology so reaching millions of people through television as Mays did with his info-mercials and Jackson did through his music videos also fits their lives perfectly.

Billy’s cause of death is unknown as of this writing but I can tell you that the feng shui Disater Star sitting on middle aged men this year (he was 50) and the Star of sudden events on middle aged men this month creates mental and emotional stress and can even trigger head injuries and lung problems.

What’s more is that Mays’ has the Illness Star on his Success direction this year and this month it combined with the Conflict Star.  This indicates that this year his career will take a greater toll on him mentally, emtionally and physically and with the Conflict Star there this month that energy is even stronger.  Next month, which is only a couple of days away, it would have doubled in strength. 

When feng shui Flying Stars shift over from one month to the next you can feel their energy up to 9 days ahead of time if you’re particularly sensitive to energy.  Billy certainly had a lot of energy and passion for his work so it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that he was one of those sensitive people.

As much as we loved to laugh and imitate his acting style he will surely be missed.  I think all of us outwardly or secretly wish we could be as magnetic as Billy Mays.

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