Cashless California

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

I know I’ve written about California’s financial woes before but it’s worth re-visiting for an update.  According to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger if a balanced budget isn’t passed by July 28 the state will come to a grinding halt. 

Of course not everything will come to a halt but the areas of government most likely to be affected (according to the story I read) are health care, social services, and education funding for students.

All of this ties in perfectly with the state’s feng shui this year.  In 2009 California has two stars that affect it.  The first one is the Illness Star making cash flow anemic for the state.  The Illness Star can also mean a higher incidence of illness as compared with other states, especially among children.

The other flying star is the Windfall Star meaning that the state could experience a financial windfall out of the blue.

The energy of the Illness and the Windfall Stars doubles in July but since these Stars are somewhat at odds with each other (gains through windfall but ongoing anemic cash flow) it will be a month of mixed blessings.

On top of all this the feng shui Robbery Star sits on government, health care and families all year long.  Since most states are experiencing financial difficulties this feng shui Star doesn’t help and for California it’s just like adding insult to injury.  (As a side note this is also why so many families are having trouble making ends meet this year and greatly reduces the odds that a national health care plan will be passed this year.)

And guess what?  The Robbery Star energy doubles in July too.  Robbery on government, health and families completely ties in with the loss of health services, social services, and other government funding California says it will have to forgoe if the budget isn’t passed.

This all sounds like gloom and doom I know.  But feng shui is great at giving you clues about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead so you can plan accordingly. 

In fact, Flying Star feng shui is based on a system so you can look as far into the future as you want to go.  If Gov. Schwarzenegger had taken time to look at the feng shui for the State of California he would have been better prepared.

In Chinese metaphysics 1/3 of your luck comes from your destiny, another 1/3 from the actions your take and the final 1/3 from feng shui.  Using Flying Star feng shui to look at your life gives you insight and control over your destiny AND your feng shui.  The last 1/3, what you do with your life (or the state you run if you’re a governor), is up to you.

Go get your feng shui outlook here and take better control of your life.


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