Governor Mark Sanford Takes a Hike

Governor Mark Sanford

Governor Mark Sanford

Okay, this story is just plain weird.  South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford ‘disappeared’ for four days without anyone knowing where he was, including his wife.

Turns out he was just hiking the Appalachian Trail (which is 2,200 miles long and doesn’t even run through South Carolina mind you) to ‘clear his head’ after the state’s latest legislative session.  I don’t know about you but when I need to clear my head my first thought is to go out to lunch or take a walk around the building not disappear from the state without telling anyone.

On the surface it all looks very odd but when you look at Governor Sanford’s personal feng shui this year it actually makes a lot of sense.

This year the Governor has two really difficult feng shui Flying Stars to contend with.  Flying Stars each have their own personalities and some are friendly and helpful while others are whiney or just plain mean.  Governor Stanford is dealing with two mean Flying Stars this year.

The first Flying Star he has to deal with is the Disaster Star that’s on his career this year.  What’s more is that this Disaster Star is particularly troublesome to middle aged men (in feng shui we’re talking about men aged 30-60) so this feng shui Star is like a double whammy for him. 

On top of all of this Gov. Sanford has the Robbery Star on his relationships and, even more interesting, his relationships happen to be tied to government.  What this means is that people are going to want money from him and if they don’t get it there could be a legal battle to get it. 

We can see how the Disaster and Robbery Stars have played out for the Governor already.  When the U.S. government offered bailout money to states Gov. Sanford didn’t want to accept the $700 offered to his state. 

The South Carolina legislature had a different opinion so Sanford ended up vetoing his legislatures pushes to accept the money 10 times.  The South Carolina legislature finally got their way after a court battle against the governor and then they overrode his veto just a few days before he decided to take a hike…without telling anyone.

Needless to say, this is not his shining moment as governor.

What’s more is that the energy of these two feng shui Stars (Disaster and Robbery) haven’t even peaked yet.  That will happen in July and if I were a bettin’ man I’d bet Governor Mark Sanford will soon just be Mark Sanford, former governor of the state of South Carolina.

The reason is that when you have Disaster on your career and Robbery on your relationships the odds are very high that you will lose your job or something disasterous will happen at work.  Since there’s an additional emphasis for Gov. Sanford given that he’s a middle aged man (which is also where the Disaster Star sits) AND he works in the government (which is where the Robbery Star sits) it’s pretty much a given that he won’t be around for long.

It’s probably a good thing he’s such an avid outdoorsman.  Maybe he’ll have more luck selling camping equipment.

UPDATE June 24, 2009

We now know that Gov. Mark Sanford was not on the Appalachian Trail, he was in Argentina (all those A places sound alike so no wonder he was confused).  And not only that but he was with his mistress, which his wife has known about for 5 months.

So back to the feng shui behind the story.  Sanford’s wife, Jenny, has the EXACT SAME feng shui personal directions AND flying stars that Mark does.  That means everything he’s going through she’s going through too.  So their marriage is like a powder keg ready to blow.

I know, I know.  She said after all her husband has been through he deserves a second chance and after kicking him out two weeks ago she’s now taking him back.   This is only temporary folkes because this month their Relationship direction has two flying stars that are creating an aura of marital bliss.  But come July this rosy glow will be gone and the anger and fighting will return making it highly doubtful that they’ll stay together.

Doesn’t all this make you want to know what your personal feng shui has in store for you?  I already know this stuff and it still makes me want to know! What are you waiting for?  Go get the info here: Personal Feng Shui Outlook


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