Feng Shui of World’s Oldest Man

Tomoji Tanabe

Tomoji Tanabe

On Friday 113 year old Tomoji Tanabe of Miyakonojo, Japan died in his sleep.  He was reported to be the world’s oldest man.

In looking at Mr. Tanabe’s feng shui it’s no surprise that he passed away this year because the feng shui Violence Star was on his personal health direction.  Fortunately, Mr. Tanabe didn’t die in a violent way but when this feng shui Star is on your health direction you need to be more cautious of your health for the year because you’re more prone to accidents, cuts and injuries.

When you are in poor health and/or elderly then the Violence Star on your health direction can mean more serious problems.  But what probably triggered his death this month is that the feng shui Illness Star sits in the area associated with old men through early July.  Old men in feng shui represents men over the age of 60.

With the Violence Star on his personal Health direction and the Illness Star on old men the combination was probably too much for  Mr. Tanabe who died of heart failure in his sleep.

The article about his passing says that he was surrounded by family at the time of his death.  It’s no surprise because his personal feng shui Health direction was tied to family and he probably lived as long as he did because of his close family ties.

Feng shui is a fascinating tool because it’s so versatile; you can use it to create the ideal flow of energy in your environment, calculate auspicious dates for weddings and other important events, and even predict the likelihood of certain events happening (like getting a job or moving).  That’s probably why Chinese emporers kept feng shui out of the hands of citizens for so many centuries.

The challenge is finding someone who understands and knows how to use all of these levels of classical feng shui, especially in the United States where BTB/Black Hat/Western feng shui are more popular.  Only classical feng shui can be used for more detailed predictions and analysis of homes and offices which is why people like Donald Trump and Steven Spielberg use it.  It gives them an edge in living more successful lives and deciding which projects to take on.

When you’re ready to find out what your feng shui Flying Stars have in store for you and how to use feng shui activations to make them even better go here because this information isn’t limited to emporers anymore: Personal Feng Shui Outlook.


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