Money in the Coffers

Today as I was browsing through the news stories on Twitter I discovered that Northern Trust, American Express and Bank of New York paid back almost $8 billion in TARP funds they received from the Federal Government last fall.

This month there is a terrific feng shui Flying Star combination that creates financial windfalls and its sitting on government, families and health this month.  I was wondering how that would play out, particularly for the government, since every state in the Union seems to be in a financial crisis. 

Just FYI, Flying Star feng shui dates back over 1,000 years and can be used for predicting events and explaining what is likely to happen in your life if you buy a certain home or move your business into a certain office building.  Fortunately, unlike astrology, when the predictions aren’t so great you can remedy them with feng shui elements and when they are good you can make them even better with feng shui elements too.

With this payback of TARP money don’t be surprised if you hear President Obama or his adminstration officials claim they now have money for a national health care program.  The timing would be perfect for this kind of announcement now that they have $8 billion in the coffers as of today (Okay so really it just reduces our national deficit from $1 trillion to $992 billion, but if they spin the story just right we’ll all be fooled into believing it’s extra money we should spend for the sake of the economy.)

Since the month isn’t over yet it’s very likely more banks and financial institutions will be paying back TARP funds.  The Federal government may even decide to take some of this money and lend it to states like California, which runs out of money as of June 30. 

In any case, all branches of government (city, state and federal) will need to budget their funds carefully because July could very easily take away any financial gains received this month.

Get your feng shui outlook, remedies and activations each month has here: Flying Star Feng Shui.


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    Jul 07, 2009 @ 14:45:52

    Great post!


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