Blue Collar Guy Goes Country

Bill Engvall

Bill Engvall

Bill Engvall is hosting the Country Music Television (CMT) Awards for the first time this year and believe it or not he’s nervous.  

If you’re not sure who Bill Engvall is all you have to do is turn on your t.v. some night and look for reruns of the Blue Collar Comedy Tours on the Comedy Channel.  Between Bill, Larry ‘The Cable Guy’, Ron White and Jeff Foxworthy you’ll be laughing in no time.  Whoever decided to put those four together is a genius (having grown up in Oklahoma I can really appreciate their style of humor). 

The CMT Award air tomorrow night and Bill will be taking the stage as Master of Ceremonies and it’s no wonder he was given this opportunity in 2009 because it’s right in line with his personal feng shui.

This year Bill has the feng shui Flying Star of New Beginnings on his Success direction.  This means new career opportunities will be available to him throughout the year like hosting the CTM Awards and filming his new Comedy Central show. 

The challenging part for him is that he has the feng shui Flying Star tied to Conflict on his Relationships which means that the taping of the 3rd season of his t.v. show, the CMT Awards, the new Comedy Central show he’s filming and the stand up tour he’s doing now are probably creating problems with his family and this month they’ll be exaggerated.  Even without this Conflict Star it would be a tough schedule for any family to handle.

Since Bill is a stand up comic the Conflict Star also affects the way his audience relates to him this year.  Hard to believe considering he’s such a funny guy but he’s more likely to get heckled this year or even find that other comedians (even his friends) are jealous of him. 

It’s all part of the feng shui energy this year.  The interesting thing about feng shui is that unlike palmistry, numerology or astrology there are remedies for challenging feng shui like Conflict Stars and activations to stimulate positive feng shui like the Star of New Beginnings. 

Because feng shui represents 1/3 of your total luck it’s 33% percent more luck on your side when you take control of it.  

Ready to take 33% more control of your life?  Then go here:


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