Why Yorvit Torrealba’s Son Was Kidnapped

Yorvit Torrealba

Yorvit Torrealba

Today the news that Colorado Rockie’s catcher Yorvit Torrealba’s son had been kidnapped on June 2 and released two days later for $50,000 ransom hit the internet.

Torrealba’s 11 year old son, who was in Venezuela, was being taken to school when a car pulled out in front of the car taking him to school.  The boy and his two uncles who were driving the car were taken at gunpoint.

I’ve been to Venezueala a few times for business and fun back before Hugo Chavez took over the country and kidnapping and shootouts between drug lords were a problem then.   In fact anyone with any semblance of  wealth had to live in armed guarded communities.  I can only imagine how bad things are there now.

So in addition to the obvious ongoing economic decay citizens of Venezuela are feeling their safety has deteriorated measurably as well. 

When you combine the stressful living conditions of the country with Yorvit Torrealba’s feng shui it created the perfect conditions for this terrifying event.  Here’s what I mean.

Everyone has 4 personal feng shui directions and the one that impacts the family, friends, clients and co-workers in your life is your Relationship direction. 

In addition to this there’s another type of feng shui called Flying Star.  Flying Star feng shui has an amazing predictive quality to it and increases the odds of events being triggered in your life.

Looking at Yorvit Torrealba’s Relationship direction and the Flying Star feng shui there for the year we can see how this kidnapping occurred in the first place.  Torrealba has the Violence Star on his Relationship direction and his Relationship direction also happens to be tied to Family.  This means that the odds of a violent event or robbery occuring against a family member are much higher this year.

On top of that at the time the kidnapping occurred this Violence Star energy was doubled.  When you look at where Torrealba’s son was living combined with Torrealba’s personal feng shui for June 2 you have the perfect catalyst for triggering something like a kidnapping. 

Because Torrealba’s feng shui is tough this year I would advise him to do 2 things: 

  • First, start using feng shui remedies this year.  Your personal feng shui is terrible this year so even if you never use them again definitely get it in place for 2009.  Feng shui remedies can cut the energy of negative Flying Stars by anywhere from 70-90 percent and it’s cheap insurance.
  • Second, stay out of Venezuela and any other area that is prone to violence because this energy will double again for you in July.

If you want some cheap insurance against bad feng shui Flying Stars you can get it here:  www.TimeFengShui.com


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