Why 2009 is so Violent

This morning I opened up my e-mail and saw this note:

“I am curious to know and may be you can talk about this issue in your monthly newsletter – why this year 09′ is so violent in regards of tragedies ( planes crashes- train accidents- people death by tragic accidents( falls-etc) is this year a fire or earth year?” — Maria B., Miami, FL

Back in January I held a teleseminar where I talked about the outlook for 2009 based on the feng shui for the year and it was then that I warned of plane crashes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and fires. 

How would you like to be the one delivering that kind of news to your listeners?  One person told me I was being too negative and didn’t want to know about it because knowing about it and thinking about it would give it energy.

Here’s the thing about feng shui Flying Stars though.  Whether you want to think about them or not they’re there. 

 I’m pretty sure no one who gets on an airplane really wants it to go down like Air France Flight 447 but ‘not thinking about it’ didn’t prevent it from happening.

So back to the question about ‘why 2009 is so violent’ and the feng shui Flying Stars that support that energy right now. 

This year the Flying Star known as the ‘Fire Star’ sits in the center gua of the feng shui ba gau (pronounced bah gwah).  A ba gua looks like a tic-tac-toe symbol and each square of this symbol holds a different Flying Star this year.  The center gua always sets the ‘theme’ for the year and the Star that sits there affects people across the board.  It’s like the heart of the feng shui energy for the year.

The Fire Star in the center gua is associated with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, airplane accidents, bombings and fires.  This is why there have been more deadly airplane crashes this year than last year (35% more in fact) even though last year had more actual crashes over the same period of time.

The fires around the U.S., in Mexico and increased bombings  around the world are no accident either.  These are all tied into the Fire energy of the Center gua. 

You’ll also notice that there have been more accidents and tragedies on the sea.  We all heard about the Samoli pirates hijacking ships and taking crews hostage, Air France Flight 447 crashed in the water, the bird strike on U.S. Airways Flight that put the airplane in the Hudson River (fortunately everyone survived), the crash of the Continental Connection flight over Buffalo, NY due to icing (frozen water), the death of numerous people trying to escape their countries by boat to the U.S. mainland this year and the loss of two NFL players who were on a fishing trip in rough waters to name a few of the stories.

Then we have what I call the ‘middle aged men’ phenomenon.  More and more stories are appearing in the news about middle aged men killing their families then themselves, Gov. Blago of Illinois (a middle aged man) was impeached, the pilot of U.S. Airways Flight 1549 was a middle aged man, the majority of people losing their jobs in the U.S. are middle aged men, Pastor Fred Winters shot in Maryville, IL during church was a middle aged man and so on.

In 2009 the feng shui Flying Star known as the Disaster Star sits over the ‘water’ gua.  The ‘water’ gua also happens to be associated with middle aged men.  Translation?  More disasters this year on the water and more disasterous events for middle aged men.

And that leads to the final negative Flying Star that ties into all of these events: the Violence Star.  This year the Violence Star sits on the area of the ba gua related to families, health and government.  This Star not only holds the energy of violence but also loss of money usually in unpleasant ways like robbery, lawsuits or bankruptcy. 

Notice that this year families are losing money due to loss of jobs which is requiring some people to file for bankruptcy.  The government is losing money because as companies go out of business and people abandon their homes there is no tax revenue to collect.  California is a perfect example of the effects this Robbery energy can create.

And then there is the violence that we’re hearing about more and more this year.  Families being murdered by parents who can’t cope.  Military deaths on the rise overseas.  Robberies up due to the fact that people can’t find work and they need money to survive.

All of these Stars are feeding off of each other because they all link to areas of our lives that overlap.

It’s not that feng shui is negative.  In fact there are 4 very positive Flying Stars this year as well.  It’s just that these negative Flying Stars (Fire, Violence, Disaster) happen to be in located in areas where their energy is particularly noticable this year.  Next year these Flying Stars will move to other locations and affect different areas of the ba gua and so will the positive Flying Stars.

I can also tell you that I find knowing this information to be really helpful in a street smart kind of way.  If you’re walking through a neighborhood and you know one side of the street can be dangerous and the other can be sunny and bright which side are you going to choose to walk on? 

If you don’t know this about the neighborhood and go wandering down the wrong side of the street there’s a chance you may get clobbered.   Personally, I’d rather know that but then again that’s just me.

The great thing about Flying Star feng shui is that it gives you this street smart information so you know which side the sun is on (translation: where to put up your feng shui activations for the good Flying Stars) and what areas to avoid (translation: where to put up your feng shui remedies to reduce the effects of negative Flying Stars).  

Astrology, numerology, palmistry, face reading and other predictive methods can tell you what possibilities lie ahead but none of these tell you what to do about it.  Feng Shui does and that’s why I use it.

Okay, so now I’ll get off of my soapbox.  If you want to stay on top of your personal monthly feng shui predictions AND get the feng shui tools to work with the Flying Star energy each month go here: http://www.palmbeachfengshui.com/catalog/item/5137279/5392370.htm  You’ll be glad you did…guaranteed.



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