Feng Shui Tips for Great Pool Parties

It’s summer and that means inviting friends and family over for bar-b-que, beer and parties around the pool.  Start your summer celebration off right by creating the ideal feng shui atmosphere so everyone has a great time.

The Setting:  The water in the pool will likely dominate your party space simply due to its size.  When water is still or frozen it represents yin energy so if your party is around the pool but nobody is going to swim in it you’ll need to add other feng shui elements to keep the energy lively.  Otherwise people are going to get bored or tired quickly. 

If your pool is surrounded by concrete or other kind of pool deck you’ll also want to place potted plants around the deck or landscape the deck with lush plants and flowers to soften the space and create  more inviting surroundings.  Adding boulders into your landscaping will bring in the earth element and create a more grounded feeling.

Does your party have a theme to it?  Then bring in decorations to set the tone, add color and put people in the right party frame of mind.

The Music:   Music is a great way to stimulate people and get them talking.  The kind of music you choose should set the mood you’re trying to create.  If it’s a wine and cheese party a little Keiko Matsui or Motzart would be nice.  If it’s a bar-b-que how about some Jimmy Buffet or Kenny Chesney?  Put your music in the South area of your party space if you want to get people dancing.

If music isn’t an option then a pool waterfall or fountain kept on during your party will help stimulate conversation and energize people too.

The Food:  In addition to your decorations this is a great way to bring in color to your event.  Vegetable trays with radishes, carrots, celery, red and yellow peppers bring some zing to your tastebuds as well as your eyes.  Think of your veggies as your ‘fire and wood’ elements.

Ribs, chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs have a grounding effect on people and represents your ‘earth’ element.  Beer, wine, soda, water and other drinks represent your ‘water’ element.  And metal utinsils, bar-b-que tongs, grill and even beer kegs represent your ‘metal’ element.

You now have everything you need for your ideal feng shui’d summer pool party.  Enjoy! 



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