Why Roger Federer Will Win the French Open

    Roger Federer

Roger Federer

If you read my blog ‘Robin Soderling’s Excellent Fate’ on May 31, 2009 you’d probably think I would predict that Robin Soderling would win the French open against Roger Federer.  But it’s a new month and the Feng Shui Flying Stars have all shifted.

That means good news for Federer but not such good news for Soderling.

Here’s what’s happening for the two players right now (from a feng shui perspective).  When you’re looking at the odds of athletes winning anything you have to see what the feng shui energy on their Success and Health directions look like because these are the two areas that will have the greatest influence on them.

Robin Soderling, the Swedish player who upset Rafael Nadal in May, has great flying stars (a type of feng shui that has predictive ability) on both his Success and Health directions for the year.  The problem is that there are also flying stars on these directions for the month as well and these are not so good. 

In fact, his Success direction is weakened this month by the Illness Star.  This means he’ll have to work harder to be successful this month. 

His health direction is not that great either.  He has the Windfall Star there for the year, which is great for winning things unexpectely as he did against Rafael Nadal but this month he has the Robbery Star there.  When you combine these two feng shui stars you get loss and robbery.  This tells me that Robin Soderling’s odds of losing are much higher this month.

Looking at Roger Federer’s feng shui flying stars we get a different picture.  Roger has the Abundance Star on his Success direction for the year which is a wonderful Star for gaining long-term contracts and creating long-term success for yourself.  This month the energy of this star doubles which is excellent for winning the French Open as it will allow him to further ‘make a name for himself’ in the tennis world.

His Health Direction doesn’t have a great Star on it for the year but this month he has the Abundance Star in this direction as well.  When you combine the yearly feng shui flying star with the Abundance Star for the month it creates greater odds for windfalls and financial gains.

When you look at Robin Soderling’s personal flying stars compared to Roger Federer’s the feng shui says Federer is the easy winner for the French Open.

In feng shui there are 3 kinds of luck: Heaven Luck (your fate/destiny), Human Luck (talent/skills/decisions) and your Earth Luck (feng shui).  Each of these represent 1/3 of your total luck.

When you look at flying star feng shui and your personal feng shui directions it gives you a picture of the possibilities for your Heaven Luck.  Setting up your feng shui in your home and office helps you create your Earth Luck and your Human Luck is created when you take action in your life.

Most people only use their Human Luck to live their lives and then wonder why they don’t move forward as quickly as they can or in the direction they want to go.  It’s easy to see that when you’re only accessing 1/3 of the possibilities open to you and leaving the other 2/3 on the table it’s like driving a car with flat tires.  You can move forward but it’s going to take a while to reach your destination.

Why not get 100% of your life working for you now?  With my book ‘4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Love Life & Fatten Your Wallet‘ along with your subscription to ‘Time Feng Shui’ you can do it.  Go get yours now.

UPDATE 7/7/09: Roger Federer not only won the French Open but also tied Pete Sampras record for men’s Grand Slam wins.  Congrats!  Feng shui is a great predictor isn’t it? 🙂


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